Thing's I am working on.

I love building things. Here are some of my projects.

  • PracticalBugBounty

    A Website to learn Bug Bounty.

  • BugBountyBlueprint

    Bug Bounty Blueprint is your go-to repository for bug bounty reporting templates. The tool is crafted to help streamline the reporting process, making it more efficient for hunters to submit their findings. The templates are designed to meet the standards for reporting, ensuring clarity, completeness, and professionalism.

  • Vilicus

    Derived from the Latin term for overseer. Vilicus is a Bug Bounty API Dashboard that streamlines the bug bounty hunting process. This platform is meticulously crafted to aggregate data from multiple sources, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard. With Vilicus, bug bounty hunters can monitor, manage, and optimize their hunts, while program managers can oversee submissions with unprecedented clarity and efficiency. Its an essential tool for anyone serious about maximizing their impact in the bug bounty ecosystem.